100 Metre Sunrise; The New Wind Warriors

Friday, February 13th, 2015

by Randyn Seibold

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Born and raised in BC Canada, I’ve always been very interested in cleaner power. Maybe being raised off-grid on 20 acres, with a diesel generator and very small, pico-hydro wheel for DC electricity had something to do with it. Or maybe it was an intuition that in the prime of my generation, renewable energy technologies would just explode, knocking the fight out of nuclear power and potentially banishing oil and gas to the military, plastics and fertilizer departments.

100 Metre Sunrise; The New Wind Warriors, is a digital road movie in 12 episodes, starting in January 2015, about training, working, traveling, networking, adventuring, and generally building sustainable awesomeness through wind power!

It kicks off in two ways: with my return to the wind construction industry (on a 23 megawatt project in southern Saskatchewan), and a crowd-sourcing campaign on Kickstarter.

My goal is to raise $15,000+, to finance the production of the monthly web series, which will take viewers on an adventure through wind power across North America, from Dawson Creek to Mexico.