Alberta’s Premier Redford talks about wind energy

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Alberta’s Premier Alison Redford shared her thoughts on wind energy Thursday night to a welcoming crowd at the Medicine Hat Exhibition Centre.

 “In advanced education and technology southern Alberta is shining. I have had the pleasure of visiting Lethbridge College a number of times, a centre of excellence in wind turbine technician training. Talking to students and seeing the incredible capacity the college is developing in this unique field provides a glimpse of what we can become. Southern Alberta has the fastest winds in the province and 20 wind farms amounting to 800 megawatts of generating capacity, with more on the way. We can and must grow this field and make it world-class, adding more jobs to Medicine Hat and giving the region a larger tax base, allowing this region to grow and thrive.” —————— A week prior, Kris Hodgson of Lethbridge College spoke to 73 people at the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs in Lethbridge demystifying people about the wind energy sector. He was encouraged by the question and answer discussions following his presentation where people sought further details about how the wind sector is positively impacting rural southern Alberta. To read more about this event in the Lethbridge Herald please click here.