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Student Challenge: Your chance to attend a professional wind power event in western Canada!

Students, here is your chance to attend a professional wind power event in western Canada!




Power of Wind Contest: Best English language blog

Canada’s Wind

By Audrey Cheung

For the Power of Wind contest I have chosen to create a creative piece as a response to why I think wind energy is important to Canada’s future. (more…)



Power of Wind Contest: Most creative submission

By Tina Chan

The concept I’d like to portray is how wind power opens up opportunities for sustainable energy for future generations, it is innovation, and it is environmentally friendly. (more…)



Power of Wind Contest


To celebrate Global Wind Day, the international annual day for discovering the power of wind, and the growing contribution of wind energy in Canada, CanWEA has launched the third annual Power of Wind Contest. (more…)



Power of Wind Blog Contest: Second Place Winner

Le changement c’est moi Par Laurence Dupuis Même si l’homme tente de séparer les territoires par des tracés ou par des noms, la nature elle, n’a aucune barrière. (more…)



Power of Wind Blog Contest: Third Place Winner

The Power of Wind Blog. By Daniel Bryce We are at a crossroads in history. Now is the time to capture the power of wind like never before. Now is the time to start caring about the future of our world, our climate and standards of living, and wean our selves off of fossil fuels.




Power of Wind: Allyssa Grant

There are few universal feelings across this diverse and complex world. Seven billion people who don’t share the same beliefs, entitlement, rights, and freedoms. (more…)



Power of Wind: Kathryn MacDonald

Wind Breathes Life into Turbines and Me:

Beautiful shades of orange and pink spread over the North Shore Mountains as I gaze out of the view pod of the wind turbine at Grouse Mountain Resort. The wind over the ridge breathes life into the gigantic 12,000 lb. blades. (more…)