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Introducing Bullfrog Power for Student Life

Are you a Friend of Wind and a university or college student? Then you’ll be interested in Bullfrog Power for Student Life. (more…)


Watt’s Happening: Canadian Update

By Don Pettit


It just makes sense to move to renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Once the energy-harvesting infrastructure is in place, the energy source will last forever since the “fuel” is supplied and constantly renewed by nature ­– the sun shines, the wind blows, and the Earth emits heat from its molten core. (more…)


Happy Earth Day! Global Warming Speech by Morgan

Morgan is 10 years old and chose to do this year’s school speech on Global Warming. Morgan has been asked to present his speech at his school’s assembly today, for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day Morgan and thank you for letting us celebrate this important day with your wonderful speech! (more…)


World Water Day! Save Water With Wind Power

Originally published on the European Wind Energy Association’s Press Room, March 21, 2012 The power sector is the one of the world’s biggest consumers of water, but one source – wind power – uses very little water to produce electricity. 


Standing up for Ontario’s clean energy vision

Originally published on the David Suzuki Foundation Blog, March 7, 2012 by Ryan Kadowaki, Climate Change and Clean Energy Program Coordinator The David Suzuki Foundation’s longtime slogan has been “Solutions are in our nature.”


Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada blogs about Friends of Wind

Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada contributed to Friends of Wind through his own Greenpeace Blog. How (and why) to support wind power