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How Wind Works

Alberta’s best deal

There exist some pretty significant misperceptions about wind energy in Alberta, some were put forward in a recent letter-to-the-editor in the Calgary Herald – Blowin’ in the wind   (Jun 16, 2014). (more…)

How Wind Works

Wind turbines are efficient in cold climates

Contrary to what was stated in the article published by Samuel Auger in the January 5, 2014, edition of Le Soleil, it is wrong to claim that “wind turbines [are] inefficient during prolonged periods of cold weather.” (more…)

How Wind Works

Building a Wind Farm in Arctic Conditions: Rio Tinto’s Diavik Mine.

By Elizabeth Judd, Canadian Clean Energy Conferences

Finding a way to power the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s northwest territories, an area where the thermometer can plunge to -50 degrees Celsius (more…)

How Wind Works

Want to learn more about Canada’s power system?

Want to learn more about Canada’s power system? Browse through CBC’s Special Report Power Switch. The interactive report takes a look at how power is generated and distributed in Canada and provides a good collection of information on our electricity system.