Ernestown Wind Park distinguished as community engagement leader

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Ernestown Windpark Inc. was awarded the 2012 SWITCH Rural Initiatives Award on November 8, 2012 at the annual SWITCH Awards in Kingston, Ontario.

Ernestown Wind Park is a small, 10 megawatt, low-impact wind park proposed for rural Loyalist Township, in Southeastern Ontario. Known as ‘The Right Sized Wind Park, in the Right Place’, the Project won this year’s competition for ‘addressing the unique needs and challenges of rural communities in achieving sustainable energy goals, and demonstrating the effective use and balance of natural resources in the pursuit of sustainable energy goals.’

Janet Gutowski, Warden, County of Frontenac, said of the company’s community engagement program, “Ernestown Wind Park has taken a positive approach to local engagement. They are commended for following a positive and proactive approach to community engagement at a time when many developers are at odds with the communities asked to host their projects.” Warden Gutowski further praised the company for their investment in, ‘local consultation and stakeholder engagement by contracting staff to work within the community, engaging residents, and listening to concerns, and for promoting, ‘ long-term, low-impact energy that will complement Ontario’s goals of clean and sustainable electricity generation, while impacting economic growth in the rural community.’

Ernestown Windpark is committed to the ongoing development of strong relationships with the Municipality and residents of Loyalist Township, through door-to-door engagement, community event outreach and support, information sessions on wind matters of interest to the Project’s neighbours, coffee meetings, frequent newsletters, a well-water watch program, and continuing engagement of local and area businesses and companies.

Executive Director of SWITCH, Tyson Champagne, said of the company, “Ernestown Wind Park has provided an example of a truly sustainable clean energy solution by working with community members to develop a project that addresses the needs of all stakeholders.”

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