Europe Celebrates Global Wind Day

Monday, June 20th, 2011

A colourful display of flowing, tasseled lanterns, undulating kites that look like clouds racing across the sky, and an airy gymnastic performance to match, is took place in the heart of Brussels’ EU quarter.

The context was Global Wind Day – 15 June – when all around the world events took place in honour of the power that resides in wind – power that creates electricity and can bring us a greener future free from dependence on polluting and expensive fossil fuels. Crowds gathered to watch the performance and receive a ‘seeded leaflet’ explaining the benefits of wind energy for our climate, our job market, for energy independence from imported fossil fuels and for the amount of water for cooling wind energy needs: zero. Anyone who received a leaflet can now plant it, water it, wait a while, and watch seedlings emerge and grow into an array of brightly coloured flowers – symbolic of the greener future wind energy promises. Read the European Wind Energy Association’s blog for many more reports on Global Wind Day events: – Zoë Casey, Belgium