Friend of wind Kate Dietrich shares her story at the Clinton Wind Energy Information Session

Friday, July 29th, 2011

My name is Kate Dietrich. I live outside Teeswater, Ontario with my husband and three children. I am currently a stay at home mother and my husband is a windmill service technician.

I am very proud of what my husband is doing. It makes me sad that when people ask him what he does for a living he starts off by saying I don’t really like to tell people what I do because of all the negativity over the windmills. I think he should be proud of what he does, he is part of something great, that as a community we are moving forward in our quest for green energy and sustainable living. I was very excited for him when he got the job six years ago. As a single income family we were able to stay in the area that we grew up in and we could raise our children here. We feel that we are raising them in a wholesome atmosphere trying to make less of a footprint on the earth, with him as a windsmith and I as a stay at home mother. I grew up on a farm in Southern Bruce County. As someone raised in this community I feel a sense of responsibility to maintain the quality of life and the values that were bestowed upon me. My ancestors have lived solely off of agriculture in Southern Bruce County for five generations. To me, the windmills are an added bonus to the farming operation. They hardly take up any space on the land and do not interfere with other operations and they help finance the farm. As you probably already know farming can really have its ups and downs financially. As the generations before us, farmers are always having to adapt to new ways to stay afloat, with wind farming this could be just another adaption for the farmers. My mother and her husband currently have some windmills on their farm and are surrounded by them up near Tiverton ,Ontario they have had them for about five years now and they love them.   They do not interfere with their farm operation in fact they love the road ways built up to the windmills because they make use of them while they are taking the crops off. The bigger vehicles and machinery can get into the fields much easier. My mother likes to look out her window and see them because she thinks they are like sculptures, beautiful and sleek looking, she is always taking pictures of them with the different weather behind them and also they tell her which way the wind is blowing. She also talks of the sound that’s created by the windmills, which I have experienced as well, it is a soft rhythmic sound that is actually quite meditative and not nearly as noisy as a car or truck driving by. When I had heard that Jutta was starting a friends of the wind campaign I was really happy because I have always thought there needs to be a voice on the positive side because there are a lot of people benefiting from them, they are green energy, and the way of the future and why would we let such a wonderful money making industry leave our community. It is exciting to have this new industry on our land. St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario has a new program at their school Wind Turbine Technology where students learn to become a windsmith. It makes me feel better to know that when my kids get older that there is one more option for them in post secondary education that they will be able to bring back home and not have to move away to start their career.  “Our generation has inherited an incredible beautiful world from our parents and they from their parents. It is in our hands whether our children and their children inherit the same world” Richard Branson. – Katie Dietrich, Teeswater, Ontario