Happy Earth Day! Global Warming Speech by Morgan

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Morgan is 10 years old and chose to do this year’s school speech on Global Warming. Morgan has been asked to present his speech at his school’s assembly today, for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day Morgan and thank you for letting us celebrate this important day with your wonderful speech!

Mr Lobb and friends, my speech is on GLOBAL WARNING, Yes I said “WARNING” I know it is really called Global Warming but to me it is a WARNING and it should be to everyone living on this earth. We can make a difference if we STOP and LISTEN to the WARNINGS and take steps to make a change!!!

Global Warming is the biggest and self-made problem we face. We have not listened to the warnings, and we have not changed our ways. We are killing our earth and everything living on it!!

We made the problem by needing and wanting more of everything!! It is the unhealthy gases that are created by industry and farming that have sickened our air and it can’t escape, this has increased the temperature of our earth!! This is the greenhouse effect.

I wondered if global warming and the greenhouse effect are the same thing? Well .. I learned that NO, the greenhouse effect is WHY WE HAVE global warming.

We are burning stuff like coal, oil, natural gas, and diesel making CARBON DIOXIDE. We are cutting down all our trees, this has caused the air to trap the carbon dioxide. It’s like a greenhouse, it lets the heat of the sun in but NOT out!! The gas is getting in but NOT out, the greenhouse effect is man-made and it is the reason for global warming. People say “we need electricity, we need to get around – nothing we can do about it, it doesn’t really matter!” WRONG IT DOES MATTER, if we keep doing the things we’ve done there may NOT be an Earth for our kids or their kids!!

The EARTH IS MELTING!! The EARTH IS MELTING!! I know it sounds like a Chicken Little Story, but this story is TRUE, the earth really is melting!! Global Warming is making the polar ice caps and glaciers melt!! The melting is causing BIG problems, the polar bears are trying to find new homes, other animals have died or become extinct, we have seen bigger and badder storms and there have been some really bad sicknesses with no cures. Ocean temperatures are getting warmer too and it makes more problems, did you know that because the water is warmer coral reefs and other sea life is dying? I don’t think it is fair that things are dying after being here for more than 2 million years, we are the cause of these worldwide problems!!

I am scared … we have not taken the earths warning seriously, we are causing our own death!!

By not taking the warnings seriously we ARE causing a total MELTDOWN!!

THE GOOD NEWS IS there is still time to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, yes, it is true, global warming continues to grow at a fast pace. We can’t go back to what the earth used to be, BUT we take can take steps to reduce some of the bad things that have been happening.

OK OK, I know you are asking .. what can I do? How will it make a difference?

FIRST we MUST reduce “greenhouse gases”, our governments, politicians and industry leaders are trying to do it through the use of RENEWABLE ENERGY!! Our government is listening to the WARNINGS!! By using NATURAL RESOURCES –  WIND, WATER and SUN. We should not be scared, we should be look at the good things Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, and water based hydro provide … things like no “greenhouse gases” and the amount of trapped gases start to drop!! RENEWABLE ENERGY is the BEST EXAMPLE of REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING!!

WE can do things too … like Driving less, use your bike or walk to school or work, If it is too far, carpool or better yet take a bus. Cut down on garbage, GROW A GARDEN and COMPOSTE what you can, this cuts down on dump space!! Buy RECYCLED stuff and RECYCLE as much as you can!! USE CANVAS or PLASTIC BASKETS when shopping! THINK REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE!!!

I think EVERYONE can do this BUT maybe it SHOULD be LAW to do these things and protect the earth!! It is because of you and me that our earth is dying!!

I would like to end my speech by saying “we are ALL part of the problem and we should ALL be part of the fix!!” We should be LISTENING to the Global WARNING that is GLOBAL WARMING!!

WE MUST TAKE STEPS to reduce our OWN carbon footprints one step at a time!! WE MUST also support and not be scared of Government Renewable Energy Programs that use the earths’ natural resources. We owe it to ourselves, our kids and their kids to protect the earth FROM MORE HARM!!

Thank you!!


Morgan created the following YouTube video in preparation for his speech. Enjoy! 

Global Warming Presentation Morgan