Introducing Bullfrog Power for Student Life

Friday, September 5th, 2014

Are you a Friend of Wind and a university or college student? Then you’ll be interested in Bullfrog Power for Student Life.

Here’s how it works. Bullfrog Power puts green energy onto the grid to match the amount of power you use. To craft a product for students, we’ve done our research and estimated how much power the average student will use in every aspect of their student life over the course of an eight-month school year: 2,080 kilowatt hours. That amount covers the electricity used throughout all your locations and activities—your living space, in class, on and off campus—and for all your electronic devices—computer, tablet, and cellphone. And when you purchase Bullfrog Power for Student Life, Bullfrog ensures that 2,080 kWh of green energy is put onto the grid.

And because students like you think critically about the causes you support, you’ll be happy to know that Bullfrog Power is annually audited by Deloitte to verify that we have met all of our green energy commitments.

With Bullfrog Power for Student Life, students have the power to fight against climate change and help build more renewable energy projects across Canada.

Learn more at and, for a limited time, receive 15% off with promo code student.