Investing in renewable energy today is likely to save ratepayers money within the next 15 years: author of new report explains results

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

 Ontario’s electricity prices have become a hot-button issue recently. But in spite of the increased focus on Ontario’s electricity system, and in particular the Green Energy Act, there has been little information about how replacing the Act would affect electricity prices in the future.

The Pembina Institute set out to answer that question in our latest report, Behind the switch: pricing Ontario electricity options. I sat down with Tim Weis , lead author of the report, to discuss the results of this research — and why Ontario prices are likely to continue rising sharply over the coming decade, regardless of whether the province keeps the Green Energy Act or builds something else in its place. To read the Q&A with Tim Weis, Director, Renewable Energy and Efficiency Policy, Pembina Institute please click here.   —————- Have some time to read Pembina’s news release? Just click here. – Julia Kilpatrick, Pembina