Power of Wind: Allyssa Grant

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

There are few universal feelings across this diverse and complex world. Seven billion people who don’t share the same beliefs, entitlement, rights, and freedoms.  Seven billion different perspectives of each day, create seven billion different days and a lack of understanding and compassion for each other. Conflict, strife and competition characterize our global environment.

And yet, each day seven billion people can see the wind sweep across their paths, feel the kiss of a breeze on their skin and hear the wind whistle its friendly tune.

Wind is universal and the power of wind is universal. Let us focus on what we share together, instead of what we don’t share. Let the power of wind connect seven billion people, who share the idea that wind power is the way of the future.

Born and raised in Fernie BC, Allyssa is in her fourth and final year as a communications student at Royal Roads University.  Allyssa is passionate about leadership and plans to further her career in the International and Intercultural Communication Masters program.