Power of Wind Blog Contest: First Place Winner

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Tomorrow – Spoken Word Poetry By Gautham Krishnaraj I am change, but not the kind of change you find on the streets, no, this is the kind of change that’s harder to see.

This change, lives within me. You see, by living out the values that others simply preach, the concept of a sustainable tomorrow comes into our reach. When even the smallest of actions have the largest in mind, the change we seek becomes simply a matter of time. For the straws in the wind show that it is time that Canada takes the lead, and rather than letting the winds of change blow through us, we should harness them. Take wind from the government’s sails to steer the ship of our nation into a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow where alternative becomes mainstream, and trade winds could turn turbines to turn profits, turning skeptics into believers into change makers. A tomorrow where westerlies could blow over re-imagined albertan landscapes and windmills would stand tall like prairie gold. Or, like massive monuments to Ontario’s tri-petalled trilliums, the masses in millions would stand together, for a tomorrow, where clean, green energy, is simply referred to as, energy. Now that’s what I call a wind wind situation. For like silent sentries they will stand, gentle giants generating for generations now and to come. From Gros Morne to Bear Mountain, Amaranth to Halkirk, we will stand hand in hand, eye to the sky, and wait for the sun to rise over the newest additions to the ever evolving landscape of our nation. Canada, to tomorrow. Listen to Tomorrow by Gautham Krishnaraj

Gautham Krishnaraj is a B.Sc. Student at McGill University studying Microbiology and Immunology and has always had passion for science and languages. He aspires to have a career in International Medicine, and recognizes the immense value in being able to connect with the indigenous peoples of a region while bringing them access to vital medical care. He is the co-founder of Raise Your Voice, a non-profit organization that teaches the invaluable skills of public discourse to youth as well as sponsoring girls education in Malawi. Currently holding the rank of British Columbia’s “Best Youth Individual Spoken Word Poet”, you can download more of Gautham’s work at gauthamkrishnaraj.bandcamp.com.

*Image credit: Brian Van Wyk Photography