Power of Wind Blog Contest: Third Place Winner

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

The Power of Wind Blog. By Daniel Bryce We are at a crossroads in history. Now is the time to capture the power of wind like never before. Now is the time to start caring about the future of our world, our climate and standards of living, and wean our selves off of fossil fuels.

For the entire history of the human race we have been utilizing the power of wind to make our lives easier. From the first sail boat to ply the seas and expand our trade horizons and knowledge exponentially to the windmills that pumped water or ground grain to sustain life and reduce the burden of labour. The revolution in energy technology has already begun. The nations of Europe have long ago embraced wind power technology and now derive substantial amounts of their energy needs from wind. China is set to become the largest wind producer in the world in a few years time and even the oil hungry United States has an aggressive wind power plan in place. Canada is being left behind. Our government is so obsessed with fossil fuels they fail to see the bigger picture; the possibility our vast country has for alternative energy production and the pending catastrophe if we fail to pursue that course. We must create a national policy to advance alternative energy systems and a smart grid that will be able to utilize wind power generation to its full potential. We need to support companies that are pursuing wind power with tax breaks and research and development incentives. I will be a part of the movement that will push for these reforms, the movement that cries, “I make a difference!” As a regional planner and politician I will help shape policy and bring about change. This is my promise.

Daniel Bryce is doing his Master’s in Planning at Dalhousie University, NS. He is most interested in rural-urban food networks and planning policy regarding alternative energy projects. He hopes to work as a planning and policy consultant in his fields of interest when he graduates.