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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

Canada’s Wind

By Audrey Cheung

For the Power of Wind contest I have chosen to create a creative piece as a response to why I think wind energy is important to Canada’s future.

The piece is a poem written in such a way so as to mimic the general outline of the country, with the legend indicating the order in which the poem should be read for its maximum effect.  Replacing the compass with an image of wind turbine is meant to symbolize that wind and wind technology may act as a guiding force for the nation.

The poem touches on three key areas of where and how wind influences the lives of Canadians in the present day and potential future. The poem opens with a journey a gust of wind takes across the varied terrain of the country, highlighting the unique attributes of the different areas of our nation. The second phase of the poem speaks to the idea of wind technology pushing Canada into a more sustainable and secure era; turning the country into a sanctuary in the ever-changing world. The final portion of the poem highlights where and how wind energy directly impacts society.


Please click here for a plain text version on Audrey’s poem.

Audrey Cheung is a Political Science student at the University of Calgary and is in the process of applying for a Master’s of Arts in Political Science at the University of Calgary, starting Fall 2015. For her project Audrey is looking to investigate and compare wind energy policy between Canada and the United States.