Pricing wind energy in Ontario

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

I do not know what the PC Renewable Energy Policy is for Ontario. What I hear is that wind/solar are 80 cents and the GEA, Samsung deal, and FIT program will be cancelled. Wind is 13.5 cents locked in for a 20 year contract. It is not responsible to try and convince the public that wind costs 80 cents.

The Pembina report: Behind the switch is available on the CanWEA website but its conclusion is below: I believe wind is very competitive long term if environmental issues are also considered in the equation including the 20 year lock in agreement. We certainly have no idea what fossil fuel costs will be in 20 years time. The PEMBINA conclusion is, and I quote: “Within the next 15 years, as natural gas prices begin to rise and increased action (including some form of price on carbon emissions) is likely to be taken to combat climate change, the simulation found that investing in renewable generation today will keep consumer prices slightly lower in the long term.” If we had more resources like Niagara Falls, the fuel debate for electricity generation would, of course, not be necessary. In my opinion, we will be penalized both financially and environmentally if we do not have a significant portion of renewable wind power in our future electricity mix in Ontario. Roger Yates, P.Eng Newcastle Ontario