Renewable Energy Design Challenge

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Our future needs green energy leaders!

You can help 500 students learn about renewable energy and design and build their own wind turbines. The TREC Education project gives kids the ability to act locally and think globally to make real change. Together, TREC will personally engaging students and community members in renewable energy. Workshops give kids the opportunity to design and build devices that are powered by solar or wind energy. The devices built by the student groups will be displayed and installed in community spaces – engaging whole communities in the possibility of a renewable present and future.

Take a look at this video for a great example of one of these workshops in action!


Renewable Energy Design Challenge


Please donate today and help equip young people with the skills needed to succeed. The Renewable Energy Design Challenge is a project of TREC Education.


With your support, you will inspire and educate students in Ontario about the importance of renewable energy.  500 of those elementary students will go one step further and design and build their own model wind turbines! By giving a generous and caring gift, our future is looking brighter already.