Helping to open up a whole new chapter in community discussion around wind energy

We know there are wind supporters everywhere in Canada and we are addressing this to all of you. We understand firsthand what wind energy can do for Canadians, the need for alternative green solutions, the need to counter greenhouse gases and the will to change things. We work towards all those ideals, making sure they become reality in a responsible and sustainable manner. We know that most Canadians support those ideals, and believe in building a cleaner future.

We also understand that wind energy is a new industry and that Canadians need information on an ongoing basis. We are therefore putting this website at your disposal and hope you will share it with like-minded and interested friends and neighbors.

All they have to do is log on to the website to join the conversation and help spread the word about wind energy.

We hope to make your community part of ours!

Take Action: Check out ways to show your support for wind energy.

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