As a Friend of Wind and Solar we encourage you to write a letter to the editor in your local community newspaper to help raise awareness, correct misinformation and voice your opinions.

Some key information to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Be timely Respond within two or three days of an articles’ publication
  2. Be engaging Allow some of your passion to show through without becoming too emotional
  3. Be brief – 200 to 300 words max.Short, concisely written letters are more likely to be published than long meandering ones that need editing. And they will be edited.
  4. Be factual
  5. Proofread carefully for spelling, punctuation and grammar
  6. Show your letter to someone else for objective input
  7. Sit on it for a day – and edit again for errors in reasoning, acidic tone, jargon, etc.

Basic format:

  1. State the issue you are responding to as briefly as possible in the letter’s introduction
  2. Keep the letter focused on a single issue
  3. Don’t attack. Keep the tone friendly.
  4. Organize your thoughts logically After recapping the issue, state your positionPresent facts that support your position – use facts and figures with credible references to keep your letter out of the ‘he says: she says’ realmClose the letter with a succinct comment that sums up your argument
  5. Include name, address, day-time phone number and signature

Do you need help finding your local community newspaper?

Consult the Newspapers Canada website to find community newspapers in your area.

Check out example letters to the editor here: