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Happy Earth Day! Global Warming Speech by Morgan

Morgan is 10 years old and chose to do this year’s school speech on Global Warming. Morgan has been asked to present his speech at his school’s assembly today, for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day Morgan and thank you for letting us celebrate this important day with your wonderful speech! (more…)



Wind energy: helping to eliminate air pollution, a major threat to bird life

When I first read about the plight of the bald eagles in Fisherville, like everyone else I was initially outraged. How could someone disturb the nest of a species that’s endangered? It certainly can’t be legal? (more…)



British Columbia can significantly limit anticipated increases in GHG emissions

  Wind energy is well positioned to limit huge increases in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) that would result from powering new industrial developments with fossil fuels, according to a new report by the Pembina Institute. The report, GHG Reductions from Enhanced Electrification of Potential New Industrial Demand in British Columbia, finds that clean energy sources such as wind could reduce annual GHG emissions by as much as 8.86 MT CO2eq by 2025 – or the equivalent of converting nearly 2 million passenger cars and trucks into zero-emission vehicles.




Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada blogs about Friends of Wind

Keith Stewart of Greenpeace Canada contributed to Friends of Wind through his own Greenpeace Blog. How (and why) to support wind power