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Creating benefits or the whole community: Wind energy in Saint-Robert-Bellarmin

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Quarante éoliennes, 80 mégawatts, 200 millions $ d’investissements et une centaine de travailleurs affectés à la construction  (more…)


Nova Scotia’s Wind Energy Opportunities

When you talk with Nova Scotians about wind energy, which I had the chance to do during a recent media tour that took me to 11 communities from Digby County to Cape Breton, invariably the discussion turns to the economy. (more…)


Wind Energy Drives Record Local Investments

Wind energy in Canada will enjoy a record year in 2011 with approximately 1,200 MW of new wind energy capacity projected to be added to provincial grids, representing an investment of $3.5 billion and creating 13,500 person-years of employment.


Fact-based discussion of alternatives to green energy missing in Ontario

If a new industry emerged in Ontario that would create more than 150,000 person-years of employment, inject economic growth back into struggling communities, and attract roughly $30 billion of private sector investment — while costing the average household no more than a coffee and a muffin each month — it would be a good news story. (more…)


Un fabricant d’éoliennes inaugure une usine de tours au Québec

Enercon, le fabricant allemand d’éoliennes, a officiellement inauguré une usine de fabrication de tours de béton et de convertisseurs de puissance à Matane, au Québec. La nouvelle usine, ayant une superficie de production d’environ 15 000 mètres carrés, produira 150 tours de béton et 200 ensembles convertisseurs par année. Elle embauchera 130 personnes de la région de Matane.


Good News for our Younger Generation

            Here’s something positive for our children who are in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, or who will be in the near future. It comes from a report highlighted last spring in the Ottawa Citizen and other publications, and issued by the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL), our national educational research body.


Let’s get the facts straight, wind power is a change for the better – by Adam Scott

It means cleaner air, thousands of new jobs and opportunities for communities, a smarter way to make electricity and a legacy worth leaving for our kids. Wind power is also an excellent way to prevent further global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions we produce when making electricity.  Windmills are allowing us to shut down our massively polluting coal-fired power plants, the largest sources of CO2, air pollution and toxins in the province. (more…)