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Watt’s Happening: Watt Happened in 2014? Lots!

By Don Pettit

The world is moving to renewable energy more quickly than anyone thought likely, for a variety of good reasons, from climate change to health care. Today humanity spends over $6 trillion per year to burn fossil fuels, while the transition to 100 percent renewables will cost about $1 trillion per year. Which is the better deal? (more…)


Introducing Bullfrog Power for Student Life

Are you a Friend of Wind and a university or college student? Then you’ll be interested in Bullfrog Power for Student Life. (more…)


Raglan Mine: Canada’s First Industrial-Scale Wind and Energy Storage Facility

The decision to install a three-megawatt wind turbine at Glencore’s Raglan Mine came after nearly five years of careful investigation, assessment, and analysis, says Jean-Francois Verret, director of strategy, projects, and public affairs. Because of the Arctic conditions at the mining site, which sits on the Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik, roughly 1,800 kilometres north of Montreal, gathering in-depth data was an essential first step. (more…)


Watt’s Happening: Where Does the Electricity Go?

by Don Pettit

It’s rare that we get to see our electricity being made. It usually comes from some far and distant unknown source. Plug something into an outlet, and there’s the power. The rest is a mystery. (more…)


Choose 100 per cent green electricity for your home…it’s easy!

As a Friend of Wind, you’re likely looking for meaningful — and easy — ways to reduce your environmental impact and help support wind power in Canada. (more…)


Turbines and blades: The promise of wind energy

Melanie Moller of The Charlatan, Carleton’s Independent Weekly, writes about the promise of wind energy in Canada. To read Melanie’s full article, visit The Charlatan’s website by clicking here. (more…)


Environmental Commissioner of Ontario: Promoting Electricity Pricing Literacy (Part 1 of 3)

A February 22nd blog post made by the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario adds perspective to prices that are paid for electricity generated from renewable resources. (more…)


Wind Energy Drives Record Local Investments

Wind energy in Canada will enjoy a record year in 2011 with approximately 1,200 MW of new wind energy capacity projected to be added to provincial grids, representing an investment of $3.5 billion and creating 13,500 person-years of employment.

How Wind Works

Want to learn more about Canada’s power system?

Want to learn more about Canada’s power system? Browse through CBC’s Special Report Power Switch. The interactive report takes a look at how power is generated and distributed in Canada and provides a good collection of information on our electricity system.



Wind power keeps the lights on – by Rebecca Black

A good news story among all the bad news from Japan – wind power keeps the lights on.  Safe, secure, reliable – renewable power aligns with my personal values and vision for a sustainable future in Canada and beyond.