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Watt’s Happening: Watt Happened in 2014? Lots!

By Don Pettit

The world is moving to renewable energy more quickly than anyone thought likely, for a variety of good reasons, from climate change to health care. Today humanity spends over $6 trillion per year to burn fossil fuels, while the transition to 100 percent renewables will cost about $1 trillion per year. Which is the better deal? (more…)


Introducing Bullfrog Power for Student Life

Are you a Friend of Wind and a university or college student? Then you’ll be interested in Bullfrog Power for Student Life. (more…)


Raglan Mine: Canada’s First Industrial-Scale Wind and Energy Storage Facility

The decision to install a three-megawatt wind turbine at Glencore’s Raglan Mine came after nearly five years of careful investigation, assessment, and analysis, says Jean-Francois Verret, director of strategy, projects, and public affairs. Because of the Arctic conditions at the mining site, which sits on the Ungava Peninsula in Nunavik, roughly 1,800 kilometres north of Montreal, gathering in-depth data was an essential first step. (more…)


Watt’s Happening: Canadian Update

By Don Pettit


It just makes sense to move to renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Once the energy-harvesting infrastructure is in place, the energy source will last forever since the “fuel” is supplied and constantly renewed by nature ­– the sun shines, the wind blows, and the Earth emits heat from its molten core. (more…)


Happy Earth Day! Global Warming Speech by Morgan

Morgan is 10 years old and chose to do this year’s school speech on Global Warming. Morgan has been asked to present his speech at his school’s assembly today, for Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day Morgan and thank you for letting us celebrate this important day with your wonderful speech! (more…)


Europe to Canada: Renewable electricity for a growing world

As a plane makes its final approach into Amsterdam, dozens of offshore wind turbines rise out of the North Sea in a neat convergence of engineering, nature, commerce and far-sighted political will. A forest of onshore wind turbines outside a train speeding towards Marseilles transforms the French air into a rush of emissions-free energy.


Let Wind Energy Project Proceed

About four years ago, Gilead Power Corporation announced their plan to install a 22.5MW wind farm at Ostrander Point. Since then, some people have tried to stop this project from becoming a reality.


We asked a tough question: Is the anxiety being spread about the sound of wind power justified?

In an age when people fit subwoofers into their Honda civics, buy pickup trucks with ‘tuned exhaust’ noise and watch movies with ear crushing seven-speaker surround sound, one has to admit that our society isn’t exactly aiming for quiet.



The ‘Natural’ South Shore of PEC and Wind Turbines

John Legate of the County Sustainability Group discusses the natural environment of the south shore of Prince Edward County (PEC) in an article originally published in The County Weekly News.



Why I Care

Recently, when discussing my support of the Ostrander Point project with a wind farm opponent, I was asked why I wasn’t protecting my local environment, and why my generation isn’t engaged in the issue. I