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More On The Anti-Wind Constitutional Question




Watt’s Happening: Greening the grid

By Don Pettit


Readers may be expecting, as promised, an update on my recently completed 5.6 kilowatt solar power array that is sitting up on my roof waiting for an electrical inspection. Well, I’m still waiting, but it is close. Very close. (more…)


The Fresh Dirt on W. Canada’s Wind Energy Fortunes

Blog originally posted April 2014 on Terra1 Renewables by Randolph Seibold.

The reality is hard to paint in warm colours; If the governments of Alberta and BC don’t get serious about drafting policies that offer security for new renewable energy, specifically wind power construction, this industry in the short and medium term may fade away here. (more…)


Anti-Wind Litigation: Is There An End In Sight?

Blog originally posted on http://envirolaw.com by Dianne Saxe and Meredith James.

This article was written for, and may also be found on, the excellent legal blog SLAW.

For the full blog and list of references please link back to the original. 

After nearly two years of vigorous anti-wind litigation in Ontario, anti-wind activists have failed to satisfy any court or tribunal that wind energy development in accordance with government standards will cause serious harm. Many wind projects have been approved, and wind-based electrical generation is growing fast. However, the same concerns keep being raised, and we know of no Ontario wind farm that has obtained its approval without the cost and delay of litigation. (more…)


Here on the right side of history

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson



For every appraisal there is an equal and opposite appraisal

This blog was originally published on Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind Power October 31, 2012. (more…)


Wind industry ready to deliver on Quebec’s Energy Strategy

(Available in French only)

Fiers des succès obtenus dans la filière éolienne, élus et gens de l’industrie se disent plus prêts que jamais à poursuivre le développement de l’industrie éolienne, afin d’atteindre la cible de 4 000 MW d’énergie éolienne installée prévue à la stratégie énergétique du Québec. (more…)


FIT Review Brings Uncertainty to Ontario’s Wind Energy Market

Originally published on North American Windpower, January 3, 2012 When Ontario’s feed-in-tariff (FIT) program was launched as part of the Green Energy Act in 2009, it was mandated that a review of the program occur two years after its commencement.


Action Needed:Urging Ontario to stick with its green energy program

There is about six months until the next provincial election in Ontario, yet the political nonsense is ramping up already, and we’ve barely recovered from the federal election.