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Watt’s Happening: Canadian Update

By Don Pettit


It just makes sense to move to renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Once the energy-harvesting infrastructure is in place, the energy source will last forever since the “fuel” is supplied and constantly renewed by nature ­– the sun shines, the wind blows, and the Earth emits heat from its molten core. (more…)



Windshare: A stellar investment, a gallant icon

Blog originally posted by Stewart C. Russell on http://scruss.com/blog/

I’ve never regretted my investment in WindShare. When I heard about the plan to put a wind turbine at Exhibition Place, I’d been in Canada for less than a month. We didn’t even have a permanent place to live when I put down my $501. I knew, though, that it would be an investment in the future. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: Greening the grid

By Don Pettit


Readers may be expecting, as promised, an update on my recently completed 5.6 kilowatt solar power array that is sitting up on my roof waiting for an electrical inspection. Well, I’m still waiting, but it is close. Very close. (more…)



The Fresh Dirt on W. Canada’s Wind Energy Fortunes

Blog originally posted April 2014 on Terra1 Renewables by Randolph Seibold.

The reality is hard to paint in warm colours; If the governments of Alberta and BC don’t get serious about drafting policies that offer security for new renewable energy, specifically wind power construction, this industry in the short and medium term may fade away here. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: The Road to Hope

By Don Pettit

The Peace Region has attracted a lot of attention lately. We’re talking big energy here: natural gas fracking, new coal mines and more mega-dams on the Peace River. It all comes with quite a load of controversy, and the world is taking notice. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: powering the planet with renewables

By Don Pettit

MYTH #3: “We can’t possibly power the whole planet on renewables because there’s not enough of it and it’s intermittent and unreliable.” WRONG!

Renewable energy has always seemed kind of magical to me. Stick a wind turbine up in the air or let the sun shine on a solar panel and out comes electricity. That’s pretty cool. (more…)



Here on the right side of history

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson




Philip Warburg explores promise of wind energy

When Philip Warburg took over as head of the Boston-based Conservation Law Foundation in 2003, one of the environmental group’s major advocacy campaigns was trying to get the Cape Wind offshore wind farm moving forward against some formidable opposition. (more…)



Green Energy is Preventive Medicine

By Dr. Cathy Vakil MD, CCFP, FCFP, and Dr. Éric Notebaert MD, MSc, CSPQ

This December Quebec will shut down its only nuclear reactor, Gentilly-2.  This should give Ontarians pause for thought. (more…)



A Few Questions for Ontario’s Auditor General on Renewable Energy Report

A new, independent review of the Ontario Auditor General’s recent chapter on renewable energy raises questions about many of the reported findings. After reviewing available facts, most of his conclusions do not appear to flow from the best available evidence—including, in one instance, facts from a fellow officer of the legislature. (more…)