Watt’s Happening: The Road to Hope

By Don Pettit

The Peace Region has attracted a lot of attention lately. We’re talking big energy here: natural gas fracking, new coal mines and more mega-dams on the Peace River. It all comes with quite a load of controversy, and the world is taking notice. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: High energy prices – a good thing?

By Don Pettit

As someone wiser than myself once said: “If we don’t change direction, we’re likely to end up right where we’re headed.” (more…)



Working In Wind

Originally posted on Meredith MacDonald’s blog Life Among Giants (more…)


How Wind Works

Wind turbines are efficient in cold climates

Contrary to what was stated in the article published by Samuel Auger in the January 5, 2014, edition of Le Soleil, it is wrong to claim that “wind turbines [are] inefficient during prolonged periods of cold weather.” (more…)



Watt’s Happening: Clean Energy – it’s back to the future

By Don Pettit

Global warming. Climate change. The greenhouse effect. Sounds like things we’ll have to worry about in the far distant future, something that our children will have to deal with. Not us. Not now. (more…)



Calendar sales support grassroots activities

The 2014 Friends of Wind calendar focuses on stories of people from across the country who are embracing the enormous potential of wind energy. This year’s theme – Faces of Wind – profiles those individuals who are leading the way in the renewable energy industry.




Watt’s Happening: The Three Shades of Green

By Don Pettit

The environmental ethic has evolved over the last 50 years. It has now separated into three distinct shades of green: Deep Green, Dark Green, and Bright Green. Which shade of green are you? (more…)



Power of Wind Blog Contest: First Place Winner

Tomorrow – Spoken Word Poetry By Gautham Krishnaraj I am change, but not the kind of change you find on the streets, no, this is the kind of change that’s harder to see.




Power of Wind Blog Contest: Second Place Winner

Le changement c’est moi Par Laurence Dupuis Même si l’homme tente de séparer les territoires par des tracés ou par des noms, la nature elle, n’a aucune barrière. (more…)



Power of Wind Blog Contest: Third Place Winner

The Power of Wind Blog. By Daniel Bryce We are at a crossroads in history. Now is the time to capture the power of wind like never before. Now is the time to start caring about the future of our world, our climate and standards of living, and wean our selves off of fossil fuels.


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