Energy leaders debate Ontario’s future electricity mix!

Renewable Energy Advocacy & Review of Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan

Wind energy can make an important contribution to Ontario’s future electricity needs. Ontario is working to develop a new (more…)



The wind industry provides submission to Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan review

The Canadian Wind Energy Association posted its official submission to the Ontario Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) Review: (more…)



Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques du Québec : Express your support for wind energy

This entry is only available in French.

La Commission sur les enjeux énergétiques se déroulera du 4 septembre au 11 octobre 2013. Cette consultation sera d’une grande importance pour le futur énergétique de la province. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: Wind Plan for the Peace

By Don Pettit

Long term, stable economic development, full employment, more prosperous farms and ranches, and a clean environment. That’s what the Peace Country of Northeast British Columbia has to GAIN. (more…)


How Wind Works

Building a Wind Farm in Arctic Conditions: Rio Tinto’s Diavik Mine.

By Elizabeth Judd, Canadian Clean Energy Conferences

Finding a way to power the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada’s northwest territories, an area where the thermometer can plunge to -50 degrees Celsius (more…)



5th Annual Global Wind Day on June 15th

Don Ross, member of the County Sustainability Group (CSG), a gathering of Prince Edward County residents with a common interest and desire to bring sustainability challenges to public attention, was once again this year’s Global Wind Day Ambassador. (more…)



2013 Power of Wind Blog Contest – I am change!


To celebrate Global Wind Day, the international annual day for discovering the power of wind, and the growing contribution of wind energy in Canada, CanWEA has launched the second annual Power of Wind Blog Contest. (more…)



Turbines and Equines

When Heidi Eijgel and David Glass moved onto a 160-acre ranch near Pincher Creek in 1997, one of their prime goals was to respect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the area. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: powering the planet with renewables

By Don Pettit

MYTH #3: “We can’t possibly power the whole planet on renewables because there’s not enough of it and it’s intermittent and unreliable.” WRONG!

Renewable energy has always seemed kind of magical to me. Stick a wind turbine up in the air or let the sun shine on a solar panel and out comes electricity. That’s pretty cool. (more…)



Watt’s Happening: Where Does the Electricity Go?

by Don Pettit

It’s rare that we get to see our electricity being made. It usually comes from some far and distant unknown source. Plug something into an outlet, and there’s the power. The rest is a mystery. (more…)

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