Power of Wind Contest: Best blog entry

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

The Road to Infinite Power

By Timothy Edge

As a kid I always dreamed of making a car that would not run on gas, but rather on propellers that would spin and propel the car forward. Of course the resulting speed that would come from such primitive means would not be nearly enough to even compete with the cars on today’s market, but I was not as far off the mark as I thought. With the use of wind turbines growing across Canada, and the world for that matter, things like cars brought to life by wind energy are not so far into the future as we might think. Of course the connection would not be direct as the power would have to be drawn from the massive turbines and then translated into electricity which would power today’s electric cars, but for one who dreamed of wind powered cars as a kid, this is close enough.

As a country, and as a planet, it is vital that we learn to use renewable resources like wind and water to replace consumable items like fossil fuels. These fuels that we use today are not only one time use, but they also harm the planet that we are trying to preserve. Canada’s energy future relies on the use of clean methods to find power. Harnessing the wind fits into this category perfectly, as it gives off nothing to harm the atmosphere, and seems to come from nowhere. An ideal world would see all the fossil fuel powered contraptions turned into electrical machines, with the ability to indirectly be powered by the wind itself. The world needs to know that utilizing wind power works and Canada, already having established creditable wind turbine programs, is to be the pioneer country for this front.

Timothy Edge is currently enrolled in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia where he plays on the Men’s Volleyball team. Timothy hopes to major in psychology, and then move on to a masters in Physiotherapy.