The wind industry provides submission to Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan review

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

The Canadian Wind Energy Association posted its official submission to the Ontario Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP) Review:

“Today, Ontario has a broad range of options for new electricity generation but few that match the requirement for affordability, economic development potential, environmental sustainability, diversification, reliability and rate base value as compellingly as wind energy,” states CanWEA president, Robert Hornung. “In addition, new wind energy development will continue to provide Ontario’s wind energy supply and value chains with a core domestic market that will allow it to maintain and build upon its current investments in Ontario’s green energy economy.”

It is imperative that wind energy opportunities are further committed to in an updated Long Term Energy Plan that provides stable long term targets for wind energy procurement in the province of Ontario. Ontario’s long-term energy plan will need to pursue cost-effective options for new electricity supply that continue to recognize the importance of greenhouse gas emission reductions. Wind energy is well positioned to meet these objectives.

CanWEA strongly recommends that 2,000 MW of new wind energy be procured over a 4 year period, beginning in 2014.Looking beyond 2018, CanWEA believes the government should identify in the LTEP a long-term target of a minimum of 15 per cent of electricity demand being met by wind by 2031.

For a copy of the summary submission, please click here. For a copy of CanWEA’s full submission, please contact