What does it mean to me to be a Friend of Wind?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

-It means being willing to stand up and speak out for what you believe to be the right thing for the future. -It means taking time to attend council meetings, open houses and other public events when you might have other things you’d rather be doing.

-It means signing that petition or writing that letter of support or talking with that person who helps make decisions about wind farm proposals. -It means caring about the family farmers who help put that food on your plate each day. By supporting the wind turbines they hope to have on their land to provide a dependable cash crop, they can pay their bills and keep farming without having to hold down multiple jobs just to make ends meet. -It means finding a way to cope with the conflicts and feuds fanned in communities by much of our media. It’s helpful to realize that it’s been said the job of an editor is to separate the wheat from the chaff and then ensure that the chaff gets published. -It means bringing forward accurate information to your friends and neighbours to help overcomes their fears and misunderstanding. -It means inspiring hope and motivating people to get involved in creating positive change. -It means being prepared to hang in there for as many years as it takes to get those wind energy projects approved and commissioned in your region. -It means seeing an operational wind farm and realizing that there is in fact, some signs of intelligent life on planet earth after all, when human ingenuity meets natures gift of endless clean fuel. -It means not accepting the status quo for electricity generation when renewable energy is readily able to replace so much of our outdated and harmful methods. -It means taking actions that place the future welfare of your children and grandchildren at the very top of your priority list. -It means understanding that all great truths have to pass through 3 stages: 1st it is ridiculed, 2nd it is violently opposed, and 3rd it is accepted as self-evident, even though you went straight to the 3rd stage 12 years ago. -It means coming to the realization that you may have thought you had entered into a 10 K race, only to find that it was actually a marathon…..no, wait a minute…they just moved the finish line again and now you’re in an ultra-marathon with no markers guiding you to the tape. -It means never quitting, and working step by step toward that all important tipping point whereby the goal of 20% wind energy by 2025 in Canada becomes inevitable. -It means seeing climate change as the defining challenge of our generation, with wind energy being one of the many ways of minimizing the worst effects, by reducing the amounts of CO2 we pour into the atmosphere. – Don Ross, Prince Edward County, friend of wind ***** Want to learn more about Don Ross? Link to the summer edition of Bullfrog Buzz where Don is featured as a green energy hero. Congratulations Don!