Win-With-Wind Tour Continues

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Jutta Splettstoesser is passionate about renewable energy and is bringing her message of co-operation to the Wellington/Guelph area.

“Wind development and community can work together,” commented Mrs. Splettstoesser, president of Friends of Wind Ontario (FoWO). “With smart planning and open communications, wind energy development in rural Ontario can be a win-win. Renewable energy is the way of the future and rather than push back against it, we need to help communities be a part of the new energy conversation.” Since June, FoWO has organized a series of events across southern Ontario. Over 500 people have attended meetings in Clinton, Chatham, London and Port Albert to hear speakers from the science, business, utility and government sectors. These events have been organized to help communities learn the facts about renewable energy and wind development. “The bridge-building that Friends of Wind Ontario is doing is making a difference in how communities talk about energy,” commented Adrienne Downey, Operations and Business Development Manager from Enercon Canada Inc. “We need to hear from everyone in a community about their opinions of wind energy. In many communities that hasn’t been able to happen. The open and respectful approach to engagement that Friends of Wind uses is good for communities and the wind sector.” Jutta will be in the Guelph and Wellington area on Friday November 4th meeting with community groups and leaders.    Interested in learning more? Please click here for contact information. To read Jutta’s letter to the editor in the Goderich Signal Star on how communities and wind development can work together please click here.