Wind developer communicates benefits of wind project to community

Friday, August 12th, 2011

Gilead Power Corporation is a strong supporter of CanWEA’s Best Practices Guidelines for Community Engagement and Public Consultation.  In fact, Gilead’s Stakeholder Engagement and Community Relations processes follow the Best Practices Guidelines. We believe that responsible communication and engagement is at the heart of every successful wind energy project.

Our proposed Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park, located on the south shore of Prince Edward County, has been in development since 2004. Gilead Power submitted its application for a Renewable Energy Approval to the Ministry of Environment on May 16, 2011 and is awaiting the Ministry’s posting on the Environmental Registry. Gilead Power has always looked for new and effective ways to communicate with stakeholders in the community. Our goal is to ensure citizens have all the factual information they need to understand the project and the significant benefits it will bring to the community. In order to communicate the benefits of the project, we designed a communications plan that includes social media and the ability for people to express their support for the project directly to decision makers. We set out to clearly articulate the ‘Top 10 Reasons to Support Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park’, and hope that you will share these with your friends and colleagues to help spread the message that wind delivers major benefits beyond clean enery: Top Ten Reasons to Support Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park …..

  • The Municipality of Prince Edward County will directly benefit from taxes paid by Gilead of approximately $1,000,000 over the life of the power purchase agreement.
  • From the construction period alone, local residents and businesses can expect to benefit from approximately $2.3 million in new revenue generation to the local area.
  • Our Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park will contribute significantly to the local workforce by ensuring that up to 50% of project employees are hired locally or in neighbouring communities.
  • Once operational, the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park will produce 22.5MW of clean energy- enough to power 5,600 homes each year.
  • Wind is the ultimate low-cost, effective alternative to fossil fuels with an infinite supply of clean energy into the future. Furthermore, fuel cost for wind is free and therefore, not subject to market price escalation as is the case with coal and nuclear.
  • The ease and speed of construction for the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park relative to other forms of energy generation means that you will not be inconvenienced by lengthy construction periods.
  • Because the generation of electricity from the wind does not result in any air emissions or waste, the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park will be offsetting high- polluting forms of energy generation.
  • The Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park was designed to be sensitive to the wildlife of the area. That means that we will construct at times least disruptive to existing wildlife. Once operational, the Ostrander Point Facility will employ some of the most aggressive mitigation measures in North America to protect local and migratory species.
  • The Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park will provide a safer environment for wildlife and recreational users by ensuring that explosive material remaining from the site’s former World War II use are safely removed from the site.
  • The Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park is a step in the right direction to ensuring that our environment can support our society, economy and way of life now and in the future.

Michael J Lord, Vice President, Project Development Gilead Power Corporation