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I hold a Ph. Attached to this affidavit as Exhibit A is a summary of my curriculum vitae. F' 2. I have significant expertise on the subjects of prostitution, human trafficking, pornography, and on the sex industry in general. These areas have been the focus of my research and publications since the s. My research encompasses the globalization of prostitution, that is, the global context in which it has developed internationally and its dynamics, as well as the impact of neo-liberal policies on the international expansion of prostitution, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and sex tourism. Attached to this affidavit as Exhibit 8 is Chapter J of my book, La mondialisation des industries du sexe, Ottawa: L'lnterJigne, Among other things, I analyse the historical factors wars and military occupations that led to the creation of the infrastructures of prostitution in the s in South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. These factors were important in the s in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia and elsewhere in the development of the prostitution industry and the trafficking in women for purpose of 3 prostitution in these countries. These countries are now involved in the globalization of prostitution upstream and downstream, both in trafficking for the purpose of prostitution and in sex tourism 1.

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